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Welcome to RJM Litigation Group. I am attorney Richard Mooney, and I am glad to assist new clients. I began my career in Eugene, Oregon, in 1994 and have since grown my practice, now based in San Francisco and New Orleans and representing clients in over 30 countries and across three continents. I use my extensive network of connections around the globe and my lengthy history to bolster my clients’ cases. I am proud to help clients and their businesses find a solution that is efficient, assertive and grounded.

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International Business Law Services That Are Tenacious, Nuanced And Strategic

Throughout my career, I have built an array of legal and professional resources around the globe to help expedite cases and provide a comprehensive array of services for my clients. I use my experience and connections to aggressively advocate for clients in international disputes involving antitrust allegations, intellectual property and taxation issues. I also act in an advisory role to companies on an as-needed basis to assist with issues pertaining to international business.

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For efficient, cost-effective legal counsel on matters of international business law, contact RJM Litigation Group to set up a consultation. Call 415-874-3711 or fill out my online contact form.