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Legal Counsel For Global And Domestic Companies At Every Stage Of The Business Life Cycle

Regardless of the industry, there are three keys to running a successful company:

  • Choosing the right business entity as a startup
  • Drafting effective, durable contracts
  • Efficiently managing day-to-day operations

Richard Mooney is an experienced business lawyer who works with domestic and global clients in an advisory capacity to counsel executives in all these areas. His practice has a special focus on advising business clients on international distribution, resale pricing and other transnational commerce issues. He provides valuable guidance on the application of U.S. law to these complex business endeavors. With a background in Big Law, he applies more than 25 years of valuable experience to support the success of his clients.

Helping Companies Build A Strong Core For Their Business

Mr. Mooney works with business clients in the U.S. and abroad on a range of issues surrounding business operations. The services he provides include:

  • Business formation for startups: Choosing the appropriate business entity for your business is critical to long-term success. Mr. Mooney helps startups analyze their operation, the market they are entering and their risk profile to make an informed decision.
  • International transactions: For more than 25 years, Mr. Mooney has counseled companies in the U.S. and abroad on transnational commerce. He leverages his global network of contacts to help him expedite deals by connecting clients to the right partners and distribution channels.
  • Transnational commercial contracts: Coordinating retailers, suppliers and distribution chains through transnational commercial contracts is often made difficult by a changing regulatory landscape. Mr. Mooney has extensive experience in transnational commercial law and “soft law,” allowing him to create solid and enduring contracts.
  • International business litigation: Mr. Mooney works directly with executives and businesses of all sizes in international business disputes. Cases he litigates include transnational disputes, noncompete violations, breach of contract and a range of other complaints.

Clients rely on RJM Litigation Group as a litigation and transactional attorney with the breadth and depth of experience necessary to address these complex issues. Mr. Mooney prioritizes delivering high-caliber client service as well as business-savvy legal guidance.

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